Josipa Bijonda Sepovic

Josipa is a wife, a mother, a coach and a humanitarian. She was raised and she lives by following the saying: "A man is nothing but a series of his deeds".

She left her hometown very early to study at the High School of Applied Arts and Design, where she made one of her first dreams to come true. At the time, painting was her passion and her goal was to continue the education at the Academy of Fine Arts.

At the same time, while she was chasing her dream on becoming an artist, she fell in love with fitness and aerobics and she decided to enrol the Faculty of Kinesiology - Fitness and Aerobics. She ran the SAN Fitness Centre for ten years and she became a professional trainer and president of the Forza Recreation Club. 22 years later, she lives what she teaches and she is blessed to have built an amazing community.

Josipa is also passionate about the humanitarian work. She is one of the founders of the Humanitarian Association “Portal Dobrote”, which is focused on helping people who need help the most, primarily children. Providing a hot meal to every child in Croatia, bringing a smile back to someone's worried face, fighting for basic human rights is not her profession, but her way of living the life to the fullest, and she is making sure her beautiful daughter is taught the same values.

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