"Our products are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets recovered from the ocean. Our aim is to drive sustainability in the industry."

Look & Feel Good, by doing Good!


OUR MISSION is to create high-quality sportswear products & accessories from recyclable materials. These materials consist of plastic bottles, fishing nets and other misplaced plastics recovered from the ocean.

OUR VISION is to reduce the impact we have on our eco-system, by reusing materials as much as possible, therefore creating less waste. By doing this we are helping to save marine life, coral reefs & natures natural habitats. We are fighting pollution through sport.

Our eco-friendly products are comfortable and supportive, allowing you to perform. Our designs are simple, but elegant and flatter all body types. Our fabrics have been expertly designed to ensure you feel confident and strong, while also celebrating your natural curves and shape.


  • Unused plastic waste, such as lost and abandoned fishing nets and plastic bottles are recovered from landfill sites and oceans all over the world.
  • The collected plastic is regenerated into specific yarn, used for the production of eco-friendly material.
  • The yarn is knitted into sustainable, high-quality fabric.
  • This fabric is used for the production of our products.


The vast majority of our products are suitable for vegans and none of our products are tested on animals.

Quality is of paramount importance to us. Our products are manufactured in the UK, using the best ingredients available, under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 standards and so are quality assured.

Some facts:

  • Products manufactured in the UK
  • 100% recyclable product pots and lids
  • Food safe plastic packaging
  • Aim for zero waste to landfill
  • Reusing packaging materials whenever possible
  • Couriers that have a carbon neutral commitment
  • Suppliers that use green energy wherever possible
  • Supporting veganism


Our mission is also to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. Make them feel confident and brave enough to dream big, be bold and take the first step towards greatness, to become who they want to be. Being who you are and feeling confident in yourself, no matter what society thinks, is what we are all about.

    Unwanted and discarded fishing nets are deadly to marine wildlife. If they remain in our oceans, they can cause severe harm to the various eco-systems. They pollute our planet and a significant amount end-up being washed up on our coastlines. They are endangering coral reefs which are fundamental for providing habitat and shelter for many marine organisms. Fishing nets can kill millions of sea animals each year, including dolphins, whales, sea lions...
    Plastic is killing our oceans. The fact that approximately 8 million pieces of plastic enter the ocean on a daily basis is highly disturbing. This plastic ends up accidentally eaten by marine animals and cause them to die a slow and painful death. This is something we can impact on - we can make a change.